10 Great Big Lies

The Big Lies of America’s Big Media.

1. The left-wing liberal progressive socialist regimes of Mao and Stalin did not murder 100 million citizens in China and the Soviet Union in the name of social justice.

2. Adolph Hitler was not a left-wing progressive totalitarian socialist dictator but a right-wing fascist racist totalitarian dictator.

3. Joseph McCarthy accused innocent persons of treason. Soviet spies he attempted to expose did not influence American foreign policy. Spies in the State Department, the Treasury, and the White House did not ensure Mao’s victory in the Chinese civil war and did not elevate the most murderous dictator in the history of the world. Progressive Soviet spies in the Roosevelt administration did not steer our World War II battle strategy toward an end which simplified Stalin’s seizure of Eastern Europe.

4. The United States could not win the Vietnam war and was right to withdraw. The American abandonment of Vietnam did not simplify the progressive communists’ seizure of power in Cambodia. Our withdrawal from Vietnam did not make way for the Cambodian genocide of 25% of its population. Peace marchers, Big Media, and the Democratic Party in the United States did not bring communism to Vietnam and genocide to Cambodia.

5. The United States is not bankrupt. Social security and Medicare, which are not socialist policies, are solvent. The United States can afford free college-level education, free healthcare for all, a universal basic income, and other new welfare entitlements which we may see are required.

6. Liberal progressives are non-ideological pragmatists. Liberal progressives are not left-wing radical totalitarian socialists. Liberal progressives do not want to destroy the good things in life. They do not want to destroy the love between a man and a woman. They do not want to break apart the family. They do not want to divide and bankrupt America. They do not want to murder God. Liberal progressive socialists are not sociopaths pursuing suicide by societal collapse.  

7. The earth will suffer catastrophic climate change if we continue to burn fossil fuels. The world’s economy, therefore, must be fundamentally transformed for the human race to avoid extinction. The aspirations of the poor all across the world for a warm safe home, for indoor plumbing, for running water, for good food, clean clothes, well-run schools — these aspirations must wait until we phase out carbon-burning fuels.  

8. President Trump stole his 2016 election victory by criminally conspiring with the Russian government.

9. Progressive liberal socialist governments do not inevitably lead to the bankruptcy of the state, the enslavement of the citizens, and the jailing and murder of dissenters. The truth is that socialism has never been tried.

10. Multicultural orthodoxy does not divide Americans into warring tribes of race, gender, class, religion, origin, sexual orientation. Postmodernism, a sister ideology of multiculturalism, proves our thoughts are subjective and all truth is individual. There is no common truth which two or more share. Postmodernism does not ruin the search for truth. Postmodernism does not discredit our greatest inheritance, thousands of years of learning and wisdom, of beauty and truth. Political correctness, the enforcement mechanism of multicultural postmodernism, cleans our language of prejudice. It does not silence unpopular dissenters. Political correctness will not empower the state and faithful subsidiaries to define truth by outlawing dissent as prejudice. In sum, postmodernism proves truth is unknowable while multiculturalism requires we see all cultures as equal. The West and America cannot be considered superior. We should not see our place in the world and history with faith and pride. Finally, progressive cultural leaders, uniquely capable of knowing the truth, magically exempt from the inevitable failure of thought proven by postmodernism, they will define, through political correctness, the superiority of the values they require we all obey and worship.