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The Right Track Magazine hopes to explain great themes of conservative thinking in plain language for all readers but especially for beginners.

The primary concern of my writing is describing the gross fraud which Big Media has perpetrated dating back at least to World War II. My primary goal to remedy the fraud is to raise money for conservative media so that it can attain a fair hearing with a mass audience.

Sixty-five years after the founding of National Review, conservative media is a shoe-string operation. You can’t save God, family, and country by making a phony phone call and screaming at the sky. If the conservative movement had been serious, fifty years ago we would have purchased major television networks and leading newspapers.

I know there are dozens or hundreds or thousands of good voices in our movement, many of whom are all in favor of making their life a life of reporting, writing, thinking and studying, and educating – the important jobs of good media. They can’t make a living at it. Their audiences are tiny. We must find investors to support their work, and to broadcast their thoughts for all the world to see.

By failing to take the influence of media seriously, we have an insoluble problem. The money mismatch in media investment is probably 100-to-1. If you include Facebook and Google, and subtract Fox News, it can reasonably be argued that no money has been spent on conservative media. We are like a bucket of water drawn from the ocean. Nobody notices.   

Big Media had an approximate market value of $500 billion in 2016. (See chart at the end of this page.) Conservatives should set a goal of raising $100 billion to fund our invaluable message: The individual, set free, and led toward truth, can conquer all.


Our failure to confront the progressive movement has ceded to them enormous power. A progressive monopoly controls Big Media, Big Academia, Big Corporate, Hollywood, the foundations, the federal bureaucracy, and Big Tech – known collectively as the progressive power centers. They control an interlocking overlord matrix the world has never seen. If the leaders in the power centers take their vows seriously, and act with dedication to enact their faith, America will see the worst government the world has known.

Members of the progressive power centers wield vast fortunes. They are highly capable of silencing conservatives. They seek to impose progressive socialism. They assume slavery, bankruptcy, and murder will not define American socialism, but slavery, bankruptcy, and murder define all socialisms. The only question is when. If the progressives finish their work, now a likelihood, they will have fundamentally transformed America, with their totalitarian strongholds metastasizing.

They will make the land of the free the home of the highest form of evil yet devised by man. We will leave for posterity the philosophy of Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and Marx, the great murderers of human history, who define an individual as a statistic, a nameless body, whether alive or dead, which has no importance when compared to the goal of social justice. The thinking of the founders will be outlawed. The constitution will be banished.

Given the weakness of the conservative movement, and a hundred years of progressive socialist policy victories, our only hope for true change may be the bankruptcy of the American socialist state. A financial crisis based upon the failure of the federal entitlement programs may allow an opportunity for a new founding of the United States. Surely that will be the time to close the federal bureaucratic hegemon.

The danger from now until then, and during upheaval, and afterward, is that the weapons and the technology and the power centers an American socialist state will possess when it fails will simplify suppression, censorship, the cancellation of elections, imprisonment, and murder – the popular reforms of a failing progressive state.

Only a fool would not be frightened by the slavery the modern American state, in the wrong hands, can impose upon its citizens. Conservatives will have to pray that the fighters, both the soldiers and the cops, remain our one true friend.

As it stands, conservative opposition — our politicians and our media arm — is quiet, peripheral, and harmless. History will say we stood by and did nothing. 


My work for now is to study the issues, look at the big picture, and try to answer big questions.

Will the loss of virtue, and the rise of corruption, in our leaders and in ourselves, guarantee America’s fall? Is it possible for a society to relearn and dedicate itself to a virtuous life once the practice is lost?

Why are progressives blind to the evil of their ideology? Is there a way to prove to progressives the evil of their faith? Barring such a miracle, how do we undermine the progressive movement, banish the socialist plague from America, and close the Democratic Party?

Why did conservatives abdicate, leaving America defenseless, naked in the killing fields, condemning all of her citizens to a future servitude? 

My assumption is that America will enter a financial collapse by mid-century, impoverished by social security and Medicare, and we must have a plan ready for rebuilding. Will we care enough to reenact the constitution and our founding?

In the interim, we fight for office, invest in media, and focus always on disempowering Washington D.C. In the past we have followed a frightened approach: We kneel, supplicate, and surrender. This strategy, used by the “happy warrior”, is the past. Their failure is complete.

Now is the time for the old warriors, dedicated to destroying the evil progressive movement, in all its monstrous incarnations. An old warrior can only be happy when standing on the field of victory, the dead carcass of the progressive movement lying at his feet.  

My writing will simplify the complicated when answering the hardest political questions. I hope to navigate great enduring mysteries so readers of any background, capacity, or education, will see and understand the most important things in life.

There’s work to do. The deceivers are fully in command of the halls of power. They must be defeated.

Michael David White
April 2019