The Right Track Magazine hopes to explain great themes of conservative thinking in plain language for all readers but especially for beginners.

My primary concern is the gross fraud which Big Media has perpetrated dating back at least to World War II. In the future, I would like to raise money for conservative media so that it can present a viable alternative to a mass audience.

Sixty-five years after the founding of National Review, conservative media is a shoe-string rubber-band operation. You can’t save God, family, and country by making a phony phone call. If the conservative movement had been serious, fifty years ago we would have purchased major television networks and leading newspapers. Now we have an insoluble problem and the money mismatch in media investment is probably 10-to-1 or 100-to-1.


A progressive monopoly controls Big Media, Big Academia, Big Corporate, Hollywood, the foundations, the federal bureaucracy, and Big Tech. They control an interlocking overlord matrix the world has never seen.

Members of the progressive power centers wield vast fortunes. They are highly capable of silencing conservatives. They seek to impose progressive socialism. If they finish their work, now a likelihood, they will have fundamentally transformed America.

They will make the land of the free the home of the highest form of evil yet devised by man. The plus side is that the inevitable bankruptcy of a socialist state will allow for a new founding of America. The downside is that the weapons and the technology the socialist state will possess when it fails will simplify all forms of suppression, indenture, imprisonment, and murder – the typical reforms employed by a failing socialist state.

Only a fool would not be frightened of the death the modern American state, in the wrong hands, can serve upon its citizens. Conservatives will have to pray that the fighters, both the soldiers and the cops, remain his one true friend.

As it stands, conservative opposition, our politicians, our media arm, is quiet, peripheral, and harmless. History will say we stood by and did nothing. They will be right.


My work now is to study the issues, look at the big picture, and try to answer big questions.

Why are progressives blind to the evil of their ideology? How do we undermine and destroy the progressive movement, banish the socialist lie from America, and ruin the Democratic Party?

Will the loss of virtue, and the rise of corruption, in our leaders and in ourselves, guarantee America’s fall? Is it possible for a society to relearn a virtuous life once the practice is lost?

When America enters a financial collapse, impoverished by social security and Medicare, will we have a plan ready for rebuilding? Will we fight to reenact the constitution and our founding? Will conservatives follow their traditional approach by rushing in to kneel, whimper, pustulate, murmur, and surrender?

My aim is to make the complicated simple when answering the hardest political questions and navigating great enduring mysteries.

There’s work to do. The hour is late.

Michael David White
April 2019