Michael David White

Michael David White writes about politics, economics, and history at The Right Track Magazine on Substack.

He previously edited HousingStory.net. Business Insider carried his stories including a popular series of charts on real estate prices. His posts have had over one million views. CNBC, Real Clear Energy, Real Clear Markets, Reuters and Yahoo have carried his work.

America the Beautiful Bankrupt, Mr. White’s first book, published in 2016, describes how Big Media led and won the moral and financial destruction of the United States.

mdw-6857-finished-by-chris-75 (4)Reader praise for the author’s essay on climate change, The Frightening Rise of Dangerous Manmade Global Voguing, first published in America the Beautiful Bankrupt, and re-posted at Watts Up With That — the world’s most widely-read site on global warming:

“HIGHLY recommended read covering all aspects of the ‘climate change’ phenomenon.” Editor — Climatism

“I found myself nodding in agreement all the way down the page …. It hit all the high points of the debate and then some.” TA

“Kind of an omnibus of all the skeptical lines put together very clearly. A good read too.” KeithO

“One of the best compilations (on climate change) …” David Weir

“The finest summary of skeptical reasoning….and hard climate truths.” Robert Dillon, M.D.