Michael David White

Michael David White writes about politics, economics, and history at The Right Track Magazine (now posting on Substack).

He edited HousingStory.net, from 2008 to 2012, analyzing property trends. That work first gained a wider audience when, on April Fool’s Day of 2008, in his third newsletter writing about business, and after five minutes of calculations, and five months before the fall of Lehman Brothers, he predicted a financial crisis. The catastrophic fall in markets which followed acted as a universal destroyer of the reputation of money managers. The best and brightest fell farthest.

Mr. White’s final story on business and economics, posted in 2012, proposed a simple solution to recurring financial Armageddon events. The author’s favorite market analyst, John Lounsbury, at the time a leading voice on Seeking Alpha, who holds doctorates in physics and chemistry, described Plan Orange as “a revolutionary summary of the path to solving the global financial crisis.”

Mr. White’s work has had over one million views. Business Insider carried all of his stories from Housingstory.net. They include a popular recurring series of real estate charts. His work has been carried on or been cited by Bloomberg, CNBC, Huffington Post, Real Clear Energy, Real Clear Markets, Reuters and Yahoo.

Mr. White has written critiques of Climate Change, McCarthyism, Healthcare, Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory. His goal is not to pursue original research. Instead, the idea is to read widely and try to understand a subject. Answer the question for readers: “How does everything fit together?” It’s a neglected aspiration.

The author’s essay on climate change, The Frightening Rise of Dangerous Manmade Global Voguing, posted at Watts Up With That, the world’s most widely-read site on global warming, won wide praise from the trained-scientist-heavy readership including this comment (from Robert Dillon, M.D.): “The finest summary of skeptical reasoning….and hard climate truths.”

The writer’s most recent work, “This Is Your Child On Critical Race Theory,” is a six-part series describing America’s new religion and its replacement of the Catholic faith at the author’s high school. The series originates the definition of Critical Race Theory as Race-War Marxism. The work ends by saying that America will rise or fall based upon its defense or abandonment of the level playing field. Said another way, America will rise or fall based upon its embrace or rejection of quotas sought under Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. One reader of the series said: “With all I know about CRT, I want to tell you just how powerfully this hit me …”