Dallas Killed Kennedy. Progressives Killed Journalism.

John Kennedy was killed by a progressive, but he is primarily known by Big Media to have been killed by a conservative city – Dallas Texas.

Frank Rich, a former New York Times columnist, and a progressive, writing in 2011 in New York Magazine, under the headline “What Killed JFK”, blames conservatives for the assassination. His story is subtitled: “The hate that ended his presidency is eerily familiar.”2

Rich says: “What defines the Kennedy legacy today is less the fallen president’s short, often admirable life than the particular strain of virulent hatred that helped bring him down.” He cites as the cause of the assassination “the role played in Oswald’s psyche by the torrid atmosphere of political rage in Dallas.”

Rich quotes approvingly of “an editorial in the Dallas Times Herald (that) chastised its own city for supplying ‘the seeds of hate’.” He quotes a second editorial from the time of the assassination. “The editor of the Austin American wrote that ‘hatred and fanaticism, the flabby spirit of complacency that has permitted the preachers of fanatical hatred to appear respectable, and the self-righteousness that labels all who disagree with us as traitors or dolts, provided the way for the vile deed that snuffed out John Kennedy’s life.’”

Rich ends by saying: “The tragedy of the Kennedy cult is that even as it fades, the hothouse brand of American malice that stalked its hero stalks our country still.”

Rich believes President Kennedy was killed by the conservative hatred of Dallas residents, “the hate that ended his presidency”, and not the Marxist progressive Lee Harvey Oswald. He worries President Obama may suffer the same fate – to be assassinated by a conservative city.


Imagine having your thoughts so distorted that you could blame a city for an assassination and ignore the identity of the assassin? Imagine a press so biased that an editor could run this story. Imagine the writer and editor keeping their job after printing a falsehood as fact. This is the media world we live in. We have been here a long time. The editorials quoted by Rich blaming the city of Dallas are from 1963. Rich wrote almost 50 years later. All three writers portrayed Dallas as the assassin.

The bias is so profound in American media that the best research says about 10% of votes for the Democrats would otherwise go to Republicans.3 Those voters in the middle are beaten into submission by the media. It’s likely that the progressive media has been stealing elections for decades.

Consider the progressive ideology of reporters as proven by campaign contributions and votes.

American Thinker reported that 95% of journalists who made contributions supported President Obama in his run against John McCain.4 All contributions (100%) from media staff at The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and USA Today went to Democrats. Overall dollar totals were $100 to the Democrats for every $1 to the Republicans.

At Slate 11% of staffers voted for George W. Bush in 2000. Nine percent supported President Bush in 2004. McCain won 2% of the Slate vote. Romney won 6%.

Indiana University, which conducts a major survey, found 7% of journalists were Republican.5 Four times as many identified as Democratic. Fifty percent list their affiliation as independent. Most or all independents are likely progressives and restricted by ethical constraints from disclosing their opinion, embarrassed to admit they have an opinion, or withholding information so that the bias will not be revealed.

Old voting patterns by reporters show a huge tilt Democratic: 94% voted for Johnson over Goldwater in 1964. 86% for Humphrey over Nixon in 1968. 81% for McGovern over Nixon in 1972. 81% for Carter over Ford in 1976. 66% for Carter over Reagan in 1980.6 Dukakis won 76% of Big Media in his run against Bush. Ninety-one percent of correspondents supported Clinton against Bush.

Progressive conformity guides academia with the same profound bias, and they are the teachers of Big Media leaders.

The Crimson reports that 96% of Harvard arts and sciences faculty who contributed gave to Democratic campaigns.7 The Washington Times reports that 99% of top liberal arts professors who donated gave to Democrats.8 The Cornell Daily Sun reports that 96% of its faculty donations were made to Democrats.9

Fox News reported that 96% of Ivy League professors who donated gave to Democrats.10 At Brown faculty gave $67,728 to Obama and $500 to Romney. The Yale News reports 97% of employees gave to Democrats: $221,176 went to Obama and $8,705 to Romney.11 The Daily Texan reports that University of Texas professors gave 10 times the amount to Obama versus Romney.12 The Daily Princetonian said contributions from employees in 24 of 28 academic departments went exclusively to Democrats.13

Decade after decade of great lies, like the lie that President Kennedy was assassinated by a conservative city, have had great influence.

Socialist progressive policy is the leading religion of those who control our schools, newspapers, television stations, foundations, the Washington D.C. bureaucracy, and the Democratic Party.

The success of Big Media in making fiction into fact is even better told today in the story of the selling of climate change.


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