Big Media and President Truman Gang Rape Joseph McCarthy

Let’s take a few minutes to speculate about the forces driving the campaign to destroy Senator McCarthy.

Let’s assume that we are President Truman. It’s 1950. McCarthy has made his charges in West Virginia. Let’s imagine how President Truman might greet the news.

Suppose it’s a quiet Saturday at the White House. You, the president, are taking the day to think through the McCarthy matter. You make a practice when analyzing complicated issues to summarize key elements on index cards.

In this matter, the case of Sen. McCarthy, you require four index cards to see all of the critical facts.

The first index card, now resting on the Oval Office desk, reads as follows:

  1. 400 Soviet spies are in or have been in the highest offices of the federal government from 1930 to 1950 including all of the years of my administration and all of the years of President Roosevelt’s administration.126

The second index card reads as follows:

  1. The Truman justice department, my justice department, fixed the John Service prosecution so that the American public would not learn of the 400 Soviet spies who had been or are working in the highest reaches of the federal government. Wire taps recorded everything in the Service case including the direct role of the attorney general, the highest law enforcement official in the United States, orchestrating the obstruction. In summary: The attorney general fixed the Service case. My administration fixed the Service case. My attorney general was the leader of a criminal obstruction of an investigation of treason.

The third index card contains a quote from a long FBI transcript. The words are from a fixer working for State Department employee John Service. Service was a devoted communist, a tireless champion of Mao Zedong, the subject of a grand jury investigation after a huge cache of his confidential governments papers turned up in a reporter’s office, and a man with enough clout to defeat FBI Director Hoover and the “airtight” case he had assembled against Service.

The fixer, Thomas Corcoran, speaks to the communist Service on the FBI wiretap:

  1. “I talked to the Attorney General [Tom Clark] yesterday himself…. And again I told him about the understandings we had below about the cutting out of your name before, so there wouldn’t be any necessity for your going before the grand jury at all.”127

The fourth index card says:

  1. The American public knows nothing. What would happen if they knew everything?

We have those four cards on the desk: 1. 400 Soviet spies in the federal government. 2. The Service grand jury fixed. 3. The attorney general described on tape as cooperating in obstructing justice in the Service case. 4. The American public knows nothing.

Now what do we do about McCarthy? He has made the Service case a central accusation. What is the problem we have to solve? Senator McCarthy has correctly stated publicly that we have covered up the criminal treason of a state department employee. There are literally hundreds of other traitors in the federal government.

What will happen if the public learns that Joseph McCarthy is right?

Take the worst case scenario. We imagine that somehow overnight the public attains perfect information. Equivalent to what we have now lying on top of our desk.

The implications must, in some ways, be the most frightening news a president has ever contemplated for himself and his party.

  1. The public will learn that Soviet progressive spies encouraged the attack on Pearl Harbor so that America would support the Soviet war effort. The public will learn that Soviet spies encouraged a betrayal of Eastern Europe. The public will learn that Soviet spies encouraged a policy which may have led to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombings were an unfortunate side effect of a higher priority: Providing military supplies to Stalin and Mao. Even you, the president, did not know how the intelligence on Japan had been slanted to dissuade you from obtaining a surrender. A final major revelation which the public will learn: Soviet spies working in the American government guaranteed Mao’s victory in China. American spies destroyed our Chinese ally, Chiang Kai-Shek. America helped elevate Mao. Stalin had ordered his employees in the United States government to make the Chinese communist forces victorious. You, President Truman, allowed what is arguably the deadliest espionage success in the history of the world.
  1. You are thinking now about the damage McCarthy can cause. You see the indefensible Truman and Roosevelt record. You contemplate a final reality. The fall out, the infamy, the story in history. You reason that Stalin killed 42 million of his citizens in his progressive reorganization of the Soviet economy. You correctly estimate that Mao, the man your administration elevated to office, will kill 76 million to reorganize the Chinese progressive economy. More than any person in the world outside China and the Soviet Union, you will be the great champion of mass murder.
  1. You have made America, through Mao, a mass murderer.
  1. When all of this comes to light, the Democratic Party will be destroyed in the next election. The Republicans will achieve majorities greater than any which they have known in their history. Shame and hatred will rain down on the leaders of the Democratic Party, the reputation of the party, and the president. It’s not just an election that will be lost. The conduct by progressive American traitors has been so successful and so damaging that the Democratic Party will be destroyed and dissolved if the McCarthy revelations are proven. A full airing of the Soviet influence upon the United States federal government will bring out the equivalent of those feelings which lead to a revolution. The mob will call for blood. Your blood.

As you sit at your Oval Office desk, and think about today and the future, you know Senator McCarthy will destroy the Democratic Party. If he spreads the guilt of treason to your office, you will be impeached for covering up Soviet progressive influence in the American government. If you had knowledge of the fixing of the Service grand jury then you are a party to a treasonous crime punishable by death.

You close your eyes. You imagine waves of outraged mobs fanning out across the capital. They detest you. They abhor you. They literally call you excrement. They want you dead.

You are impeached.

Then all hell breaks loose again but on a bigger scale. You are indicted for obstruction of justice and treason. You are guilty. The public hates you. You are sentenced to death. You will take your last breath in an electric chair. Masking tape covers your eyes so that the electricity will not cause them to explode. If McCarthy succeeds, say “goodbye” to life.

Within five years of today you, President Truman, the leader of the free world, will be dead and gone. Within five years of the discovery of the truth of McCarthy’s accusations, you will be the most hated president in the history of the United States. The Democratic Party will be dead and gone. You, President Truman, will be impeached and imprisoned and convicted and executed.

What do you do? Do you allow the truth to come out? Do you write the order for your own execution?

Even Mother Theresa would waiver in this situation, but you are not Mother Theresa. For you, President Truman, there is no question about what must be done. You must destroy Senator McCarthy. Let the games begin.

Charges Against McCarthy

They said McCarthy named names and he shouldn’t have. They said he didn’t have any names. They said he had no evidence. They said he had only “stale, warmed-over charges”. They said he was making it all up. They said his numbers were wrong. They said he had nothing.

Was it 57 or 205 communists? If it was 57 then why did he say 205? If it was 205, then why did he say 57? How could it go from 57 to 205?

They tried to expel him from the senate for lying about the numbers he used in a speech. They covered up the proof that he wasn’t lying about the numbers in his speech. An official report repeated the lie about the numbers. The lie would be “repeated, and still is, in countless books, surveys of the Cold War era, and media productions of all types alleging that Joe McCarthy was a liar.”128

Senate Democrats called him and his charges a “hoax,” “fraud,” “deception,” “nefarious,” “vile,” (a) “big lie,” “distortion,” “half-truth,” “untruth,” “despicable,” “bias,” “sinister,” and “totalitarian”.129

They said McCarthy cheated on his taxes. They ransacked his bank statements and tax returns. They ransacked bank statements and tax returns of friends and family members.

They said McCarthy burned books. They said he lied about his war record. He wasn’t injured. He had no shrapnel in his legs. They said he was gay. They said he was a sex maniac. He was a drunk. He wanted favors from the Army. He deceived the senate. He deceived the country. He was an Irish Catholic bigot. He was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. He fixed cases as a judge.

His claims were a “fraud and a hoax”. He was “morally indecent.” “Like Hitler.” A “screamer.” A “political thug.” A “prince of hate”. “No bolder seditionist ever moved among us,” wrote Richard Rovere, a New Yorker writer.130

They said McCarthy’s campaign was based on hatred of liberals. Hatred of President Roosevelt. Hatred of the New Deal. Hatred of the Democratic Party. They said these were the true enemies McCarthy sought to punish.

The Wisconsin senator led a movement of “primitives” (Dean Acheson, Secretary of State) on an “episode of mass irrationality,” which historian Richard Hofstadter, the highest priest of progressive American historians, said was ‘not anything so simply rational as to turn up spies, but to discharge resentments and frustrations, to punish, to satisfy enmities whose roots lay elsewhere than in the Communist issue itself.”131


History has turned against Professor Hofstadter. The facts have made him a disciple of another famous historian, who described the common man as a beast of prey, a house pet, an animal, who must be fed, watered, and taught.

“It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion,” said Mr. Joseph Goebbels, head of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda in Nazi Germany. Mr. Goebbels described truth as the enemy of the state when the state has a goal which requires dishonesty.

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie,” said Mr. Goebbels, “and thus by extension the truth is the greatest enemy of the state.”

McCarthy’s critics claimed to be great defenders of dissent, but everything they said was backwards and the opposite of what was true. The McCarthy critics were great defenders of state power, and of the ideology of state power, progressivism. The lies which the state needed to tell to continue as it had been were taken up by Big Media, the leader of the Democratic Party. They bludgeoned McCarthy to death. He was the agent of dissent, of fact, of truth, and he was silenced.

Hofstadter and his followers in Big Media and government and academia are the monsters. All they ever wanted was a witch. When they found McCarthy, they burned him at the stake. They danced around the body. They are truly horrible human beings. Their history is pure falsehood, but the falsehood still reigns as fact today.


The media lied about Sen. McCarthy’s work. They destroyed his life. They buried the book of corrections for their encyclopedia of falsehoods. Ninety-nine percent of his reputation is false. McCarthy, when he was doing his work, investigating Soviet progressive infiltration of the federal government, didn’t know the problem was much more serious then he alleged.

Almost all readers, liberal and conservative, still believe he conducted a witch hunt. The truth is that the Soviets had a great and successful program placing hundreds of agents in the federal government. Joseph McCarthy wanted to find them. The press hated him for wanting to expose their soulmates, their treasonous comrades, the American traitors, whose goal was the empowerment of the Soviet ideology, the great evil source of death in the twentieth century.

The press pretended there were no Soviet spies. The press lied and said McCarthy was destroying the life of innocents. Sixty years later McCarthy is the most hated American figure in our history. McCarthy was pursuing the guilty. The press hid the treasonous by destroying the messenger.

The press and academia achieved a propaganda success against which others are measured. The conservatives abandoned a courageous warrior. A very big lie won the day. Big media invented a lie and made it true.

“On the anti-McCarthy side were ranged some of the most powerful media institutions, journalists, and broadcasters of the epoch. These included the Time-Life empire, the New York Times, the Washington Post, … Murrow of CBS and like-minded radio/TV personalities, columnists Joseph and Stewart Alsop, Drew Pearson, Marquis Childs, and Walter Lippmann – to name only the most famous.”132

The politicians and the journalists who burned Sen. McCarthy at the stake “represent perhaps the most nefarious campaign of half-truth and untruth in the history of the Republic. For the first time in our history, we have seen the totalitarian technique of the big lie employed on a sustained basis,” said Mr. Evans. 133

“He (McCarthy) was chiefly right and his opponents chiefly in error.”134 McCarthy “was a good man and true — better and truer by far than the tag teams of cover-up artists and backstage plotters who connived unceasingly to destroy him.”135

Mr. Evans proved the leftist writers on the subject, in journalism and academia, were frauds writing fakes. He recalls, in the most telling example, Time Magazine writing about McCarthy in Oct. 1951. A note in the Time story file on a McCarthy target, Gustavo Duran, described Duran as a Soviet spy. “Both Duran and [blank] are considered flatly to be MVD [KGB] secret agents,” said the reporter’s note in the file.136

What did Time Magazine write? They described McCarthy on the cover as a demagogue. In the story they said: “Duran, never a Red, was definitely and clearly anti-Communist.”

Time Magazine said a Soviet spy was clearly anti-communist. What does Time teach us with this story? If you are covering up a crime, you must use violent dishonesty to destroy the person who knows the truth.

One day a great historian will prove a big click of writers and editors knew Joseph McCarthy’s charges were true, but they buried the story to protect the New Deal, to protect the reputation of President Roosevelt, to protect the Democratic Party, and to loyally serve the socialist progressive cause, both domestic and foreign, American and Soviet.

The reporters and editors swore off journalism. They did everything necessary to preserve progressivism. They are the same persons who made the City of Dallas assassinate President Kennedy. They are the same writers who manufactured a consensus of 97% of scientists on climate change based on one-half-of-one-percent of the climate-science literature. The writers had a cause to uphold and they manufactured a witch named Joe McCarthy and burned him at the stake.


Why do reporters sworn to truth and objectivity betray everything they believe in about their profession? They are protecting an ideology, but much more important, they are writing to protect their view of themselves. A fragile person, when educated in the wrong way, and indoctrinated into the wrong philosophy, will fight with great determination to prove his importance. The progressive ideology makes the adherent a savior of the world, a virtuous messiah.

If we understand what drives President Obama, we will understand the historians and reporters and editors who destroyed Senator McCarthy. And we will see their infamy has just begun.


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