Barack Obama: Angry Child. Leader of Destruction.

Why do progressives dream to destroy what is good?

Let’s look at the example of one man. His life explains it. I’m thinking of a Progressive leader who is widely known. How did this man come to be ruled by an evil false god?

It started for him as a child. He had horrible parents and he never recovered. In a deep sense that is the whole story of his life.

His parents abandoned him as a very young boy. The father left right away. Before he was born. The mother gave him a decade before she sent him away.

Betrayed by those who brought him into the world, he was consumed by a profound rage. This is a time-worn pattern of experience for a true progressive. The hatred of the world loved by progressives requires a deep motivation. Look for the true revolutionary radical to be the progeny of horrendous parents and, in advanced cases, an outcast fighting furiously against self-hatred. The gay who hates his desire. The black who hates his race. The Jew who hates his religion. The Prima Donna who hates his ugliness. The mediocrity who hates his ordinariness.

President Obama was adept at burying his anger, hiding it from himself and others, making it all go away behind a good smile. He got along well. He appeared happy. His intelligence and looks made things go easily.

The boy’s teachers, fully committed to the progressive dream, channeled his rage toward alternative objects. He learned the world is full of suffering. He learned the source of suffering is white people, capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, the Founding Fathers, America, Christianity and God.

So the boy, now a young man, having no knowledge of an infantile memory emboldening his outrage at the injustice in the world, found his mission in “social justice”. He knew well, from day one, about injustice. He loved the idea of fixing injustice. He dedicated his life to fixing what is wrong in life, to fundamentally transforming an unjust world into a socialist utopia. A true progressive was born.

His teachers showed him who to blame for the state of the world. He found a deep purpose. The purpose completed him. Mom and Dad’s betrayal vanished. The hope for the dream of his own glory began. He himself would fix the world. Progressive theology made him the star of a great show. It inspired him.

He was promoted rapidly in school and work due to a great privilege attached to his birth. He never had to work for anything. Personality and black privilege and his grandparents money carried him through 50 years.

He never tested himself by developing a real skill. A series of unearned achievements given to him over decades meant never winning the deep grounding which hard work, and long-sought triumph, after many failures, gives to a full personality. His faux success imprinted him with contempt for a system which allowed advancement without work or accomplishment. He learned that everything is easy and easily changed. He learned the opposite of what is true in the real world. Social promotion made him a superficial man.

Never having known failure or having earned success, he never learned to appreciate a critical American inheritance: The enormous wealth created by others who came before us and succeeded and who passed on what they made and saved.

An experienced person, a person who has failed in business, for example, looks around and stands in awe of what others have done. He puts great value in what he is allowed to try to accomplish with all that has been made by those who have gone before. He senses the greatness of America. We are born with the chance to try and try again in any field of human endeavor.


In a different man, in a conservative, whose prejudice is love, not hate, the observer will take a moment to survey America before passing a judgment of “guilty” and “unjust” and “racist” and “sexist” and “homophobic” and “xenophobic”.

Look at the buildings, the houses, the roads, the airports, the great cities. Look at the computers and the internet. Look at the doctors and hospitals. The teachers and schools. The farms and factories. We see an endless line of achievement in America.

When sizing up the material conditions of our lives, at how things work for everybody, a conservative sees that we have an enviable material standard of life in America.

We have good inexpensive clothes. A washer and dryer to make them clean and new again. We have a warm home in the winter. A cool home in the summer. We have cheap high-quality food. The supermarkets are huge. They stock an endless variety. A refrigerator keeps our food fresh. In our kitchen at home we can cook anything we want. In the bathroom there’s hot water and a good shower. Get up in the morning. Shower up. It feels great. Get started on a good day. Go to work. Come back home. Touch a switch on the wall. A light goes on. You can read all night. You can study for any degree. You can teach your children.

These material conditions describe life for almost all Americans today including the poor. The poor in America live superior material lives when compared to the lives of kings 500 years ago. America’s poor are far ahead of the citizens of highly progressive states today like North Korea and Venezuela.

A Conservative Economy and a Progressive Economy.jpg

Americans earn nearly 30 times more income than North Koreans. The progressives have bankrupted the American federal government, but they haven’t yet managed to fundamentally transform the United States into an old-school impoverished socialist state. (Please see the chart nearby: “A Conservative Economy and a Progressive Economy. Which One Works?”)


Let’s look out further into the world. Not just the man-made world but the natural world. Look at the mountains and valleys. Look at the oceans. Watch the waves. Dive in the water if you like. Take in the sun.

Take a walk tonight down your street. Look at the moon and stars in the sky. Look at a young couple in love out for a walk. Children are laughing in the yard.


Don’t forget what is wrong in life, but don’t say nothing right has been done by man or America or by God.

A man who knows failure and success, whose heart is biased toward love, learns through failure to be grateful for all that has been done, and which he has used, but not well enough, to succeed. If he is an old-school American, he will try again to find a way. He looks at himself both for blame and for answers.

This gratitude is treason for the progressives. Gratitude is treason for the great progressive Barack Obama.


He knows nothing of the achievements of America because he has earned nothing for himself. He doesn’t know what it takes to make something valuable.

Our progressive embodies a false consciousness; a pretentious shallow confidence; an adolescent arrogance; a faux belief in himself. He is a personality constructed by both abandonment and privilege.

The rage of abandonment is buried. It is directed not at his parents, but at those who deserve our respect and admiration. The rage is directed at the builders of the world. The builders are attacked.

This man’s goal is destruction. The attacker wants nothing in the world better than himself. He attacks those who have done more and better than himself.

He attacks the builders of offices, factories and houses. He attacks the builders of roads and trains and subways. He attacks the builders of computers, smart phones, televisions. He attacks the builders of hospitals. He attacks the schools that trained the doctors. He attacks the farmers. He attacks the banks. He attacks the owner of the dry cleaner. The owner of the diner. The owner of the bar. He attacks anybody who has built any business. He attacks the American dream to make himself greater than the American dream.

“If you’ve got a business,” said President Barack Obama in his campaign speech on July 13 2012 in Roanoke Virginia. “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”


Our president’s hatred of anything that is not himself is so profound that the men and women who start a business are denied credit for their life’s work. They win scorn and condemnation. This is a perfect proof of the president’s narcissism.

He has a sociopathic devotion to himself. It’s extreme selfishness. He’s a person who has no interest in the good works of others.

President Obama’s need to think only of himself is so profound that he denigrates the lives of millions of persons who are a great class of achievers. We owe the American builders our food on the table and the roof over our head. The president owes them nothing.

Our comrade president, a class warrior, a “social justice” practitioner, an equality expert, is the savior of the world. How can he be the great savior if entrepreneurs are celebrated? If the business owners are celebrated then who is he? How is he great?

The president condemns capitalists, the builders of businesses, white people, ignorant Republicans, superstitious Christians, America, and the evil source of life itself — God. They all conspire against his hope for the dream of power and glory. They are nothing.

Now you see the world through the eyes of a great progressive. Now you see the world through the eyes of a man high in the sociopathic spectrum, the man of hope-and-change, elected to office by Big Media.


The president hates his horrible parents, who deserve to be hated, but he long ago buried that feeling. He denies them any place in his thought by excessively loving himself.

If his anger was directed to his parents, it would attack the frail identity of the abandoned child inside the grown man. To blame the parents is to blame himself. The president knows he is made from his parents’ genes; their personalities; their selfish nature. If they are horrible then he is horrible.

He displaces the anger by hating America, by saying the people who built the man-made world did not build the man-made world.

The blood which made him, and which he knows he is made of, bears no responsibility for the horrible anger he is made of. His world is colored darkly by rage, projected out, directed at anything other than its source; but directed especially against what is good and great. President Obama hates the American Dream to love himself.

A false critic like the president makes himself superior when denouncing what is good and great. The attacker is better than all of them. “I am better than anybody who has done anything,” he says to himself. To the world he says: “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

A broken home lasts a life time. The president knows nothing about his faults or his anger. He will never change. He will never be enlightened. He will never love America. He will always be an angry child who demands attention.

The media elected a monster to the presidency. He perfectly represents their selfish ignorant dreams of change. He embodies their aspirations to fundamentally destroy America. To win glory through fraud. To create destruction.


Business owners do build their business. They break their backs. Somebody else did not make it happen. The builders did the work. They started it. They led it. They worked like slaves. They are the winners.


Business owners are icons of the American dream. Not the only American dream. We have room for poets and soldiers and artists and teachers and the police officer and the firefighter and carpenters and painters and a thousand others. We have room for everyone living their American dream.

The business owners, the builders of businesses, create the material foundation, the wealth, upon which all our aspirations depend. All other American dreams, the ones which aren’t building a business, depend upon the work of those who do build a business.

A conservative American loves the story of a penniless immigrant. A foreigner comes to this country with a dollar in his pocket. He makes it big. Everyone knows he suffered through hell to get where he is. A conservative will say with pride: “That’s the American Dream.” He will go to war to defend that person’s freedom to start from nothing.

A person who despises the American dream is a monster. He is not patriotic. He does not love his country. He may legally be an American, but in spirit he is a traitor. Treason is built into his personality.

Conservatives know the president’s “didn’t build that” statement proves the Democratic Party hates America. The words reveal the heart of darkness in the Democratic Party’s soul. Who gives a damn about the American dream anyway? Not President Obama. Not progressives. Not Big Media. Not the Democrats.

The Progressives: Against Enlightenment

The president has no empathy for the workers who made America. The great advocate for empathy has none of his own. A man who lacks empathy is known by a more familiar term. He has no concern for the feelings of others, for our history of work and sacrifice. He lacks the capacity to know it. Call it narcissism. Call it sociopathy. It is a congenital selfishness. It resides deep inside the soul of President Obama.

The president’s incapacity for knowing others or caring about the lives of others is not unique to himself. It is pandemic to the progressives.

Jonathan Haight, a social psychologist, confirmed that progressives were incapable of understanding the views of conservatives, but that conservatives understood progressives. “The results were clear and consistent. Moderates and conservatives were most accurate in their predictions (of the thinking of progressives) … Liberals were the least accurate, especially those who described themselves as “very liberal.” 137

The progressives lack empathy. They test high on the sociopathic spectrum. We could predict this is true because it is necessary to ignore history to choose a progressive viewpoint. Only a monster can ignore history.


With a sociopathic mind the president successfully buries his tragic family history. He magnifies the failures of the world. He condemns the successful. He deifies himself.

He knows everything and there is no limit to his knowledge. He knows how to run an economy. He knows how to run health care. How to build a website. How to end poverty. How to enact “social justice”. How to fundamentally transform America. How to end war in the middle east. How to fight the war in Libya. How to fight the war in Syria. How to lower the level of the great oceans. How to change the weather everywhere in the world.

Imagine the personal feeling of power you would have if you knew everything. If you were the savior of the poor, the health care system, the environment, of all that is wrong. Imagine if you were the power and the light of the world. Imagine if you were human but like a God.

This is the evil gift progressives take from their ideology. Their philosophy gives them perfect knowledge and total power. It transforms the believer into a great hero and saint. A committed progressive is a redeemer of the world.

The self-deception and the neurotic grandiosity are perfect. A progressive will destroy the world so he can be its savior.

Our president, an abandoned child in possession of great anger and power, will take all measures to unleash his ambition. He will take every step necessary to deify himself.

His sociopathic delusion has a final frightening danger. Now standing at the end of his presidential power, the man has lied to himself for a lifetime, but the unconscious mind does not lie. It is not blind to the lie that the waking self is blind too. An angry child wants everybody to suffer the child’s abandonment. The president will pursue this secret project directly from the White House.

We are witnessing in the president the flowering of the famous self-hatred of the progressives. While taking us to utopia, to the classless society, to the end of inequality, to a world of “social justice”, they first stop, for months or years or decades to disrupt, subvert, to break, to take down the system, to destroy.

The perfect world they want to give us is one step closer when they break the current world. Progressives have an encyclopedia of strategies for breaking the current world. When the world is broken they can seize power in a revolution.

Their subversion and destruction level all of us into a ruined society. All is destroyed so that they are not alone in their anger. All will suffer as they have suffered. All will be equal in destitution. Only when everybody’s life is destroyed will their childhood be fair.

“Isn’t the world horrible anyway?” the president’s unconscious mind says. “My parents abandoned me. Why should anybody be happy in this world? I am going to destroy the world just like my parents destroyed me. If the world is destroyed then the world is fair. Everybody will have parents like mine. I will destroy the world. Everyone will know what happened to me. Everyone will suffer with me. I will not be alone anymore.”


A world in ruins is a world in which the child’s rage is safe at home. Destruction of the world makes the child’s anger towards his parents the reality of the entire world. Everybody lives in the abandoned child’s hell. Everybody is equal. We see an outline of a dictator’s personality.

The ideology of progressivism is grounded in anger and hatred and seeks destruction as the fairest remedy. They sell utopia, to themselves and others, and they sew destruction. They are an army of abandoned children. Dreaming of utopia. Laboring to destroy everything good which has been built.

The world is horrible when all that is good is destroyed. The child in President Obama seeks both adulation of himself and destruction of the world. This is the paradox and contradictory psychological reality which is impossible for the casual observer to comprehend. It explains the president’s actions taken against America. He wants glory. He wants to destroy.

He funds terror against the United States by enriching Iran. He deserts Iraq to destroy our military victory. He invites foreigners to immigrate illegally to encourage contempt for the law. He trades top-level terrorists for a treasonous soldier. He beams with pride. He sells Obamacare with fraud which, if committed in the private sector, would put him in jail. He loves his successful use of deception. He raids the bankrupt Medicare fund to pay for his health care plan. He names the law after himself.

Superficial achievement is won. Disaster follows. This child from a broken family will ruin the world. A dictator has no goal other than himself. His dream of glory. His dream to destroy.

The president acts to destroy his country and elevate himself. His actions have no strategy. They are explained by psychology. The sociopath politician with the dictator’s heart seeks glory and destruction together. He will construct a narrative which inflates his worthiness and will enact a plan to destroy what is good.


What we are describing is literally a mad man. The president is made of anger. He is the first German commercial pilot to win the presidency.

He pilots his plane into the mountain. He tells himself great stories of how he will be remembered. He kills everyone on board. He lives for angry dreams of change. He lives for adulation. He does not hear any screams. Passengers are trivial things except that they draw attention to his importance. They are means and not ends. He will give the world hope and change. He will kill. And we will remember. And he will laugh. The laugh of a horrible human being.

It makes one hate life to think deeply about the president. He wants us to hate life the way he hates life. That’s who he is. It’s what he has done with the most powerful office. He represents perfectly the progressive mental disease.

How did we allow a horrendous man driven by hatred to be the president of the United States?


[137] The Righteous Mind, 2012, By Jonathan Haight, Page 287