The Progressive Personality: I Am Always Right.

We take as an iron rule the dark side of human nature is led by self-justification. We tirelessly argue for the rightness of our dishonesty and immoral acts. The dishonesty and immorality of others we cannot tolerate.

This excuse machine, this double person, rules each of us. Add ignorance and selfishness to self-justification. You have a good working definition of our fallen human nature. Man is self-justifying, selfish, ignorant. The life’s work of the enlightened is the struggle against this nature.

The enlightened work against the primary faults of human nature by dedication to the Ten Commandments, a work, whether written by man or God, of unequaled genius. The commandments are a perfect summary of history. They are a guide to human nature. If we fail to control our nature we will lie, steal, rape and murder. We will worship money and sex and power. We will deify ourselves and deny God.

The Jewish and Christian religions have been the greatest leaders against our long record of selfish ignorant violent history. You want to know our past? Murder and pillage is the summary. The enlightened know they must remind themselves of the dark side of their nature. They do this through their religious observance. They study sin. They seek to avoid it. They question themselves. They know God is watching. They fear his judgement. They challenge themselves to act with righteous holiness.

We have created in America a special system to help limit the damage made by our natural instincts.

The constitution limits our selfish ignorant nature by obstructing the aims of any one person or group. If you don’t have religious awareness of your selfish ignorance, and a commitment to limit it, then you will be tempted to find ways to worship yourself, and power will be your holy aspiration.

You will dream a progressive dream of a great state which conquers all human failings, conquers poverty, inequality, racism, sexism. You embrace the lie that the world can be perfected. You idolize yourself for your role in creating a perfect world.

Progressives perfect their self-deception with hatred of honesty, hatred of self-criticism, hatred of religion, hatred of the constitution, and hatred of anything good you can imagine. All evil is outside of the progressive ideologue. He stands opposite of where a wise man begins. He cannot learn because he cannot fault himself or see his failures. He cannot be grateful for anything because his superiority depends upon seeing everything which is not himself as wrong or bad or dangerous and worthy of destruction.

A wise man knows the evil he must conquer is in himself. A wise man knows he is capable of evil. He knows the worst things done in history are the things he might have done or might do. A man is good not because he has no evil in him, but because he is working to conquer it.

A progressive will never see the evil side of himself. When he does, he will become a conservative. A progressive sees the faults of the world are the system. So the progressive makes his goal the classless society. He will denounce the value of our inherited fortunes to perpetuate the myth of a future perfected world. To make the world perfect, to bring the evil system down, he will attack love and marriage, the family, capitalism, America, religion, freedom, and God.

The progressive stands on a great pyramid. He is a God above all of life. All great sources of meaning are attacked in service to the elevation of the true believer.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, first, thank God you don’t think like a progressive, and second, imagine the feeling of power you would possess if you knew that you are greater than free markets, Western culture, America, love and marriage, family and God? A sane person laughs at the idea. A progressive dedicates his life to it. And that is why our country is now in ruins. That is why today’s conservative must be a revolutionary.


All great things in life are obstructions for the progressive. Our permanent fortunes, especially God, hold the power that must be taken away and given to the state.


Any person given sufficient power, and given sufficient time, will find their plans for perfecting the world more important than priorities like the rule of law, fairness and honesty, respect for opposing opinion, and, as in the cases of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, will make murder and slavery a necessary means for the establishment of “social justice.”

The corruption of virtues, especially honesty, the self-justification which judges honesty unimportant, and great vanity, which moves dishonesty and self-justification to a high unyielding place — all this together will lead the corrupt powerful to embrace extreme means, including property confiscation, public denunciation, imprisonment, terrorism, torture, and murder.

The liberal Democratic socialist statist ideology, the progressive ideology, the predominant philosophy of the powerful today in America, gives perfect perverted freedom to the vain desperate for power. They undo all personal failures by attacking the great magnificent powers of capitalism, of America, of individual endeavor, of genius. They smash icons to make themselves icons.

The progressive is desperate to see himself as the savior of the world. He looks in the mirror. There he sees the ideal which must be worshiped.

Watch President Obama selfie himself at the White House.138 He was never so happy in his whole life. Look at that rapturous smile.


The man-in-the-mirror is the progressive ideology. He stands for vanity and clothes his vanity in social justice. Progressivism is cruel vicious vanity. Vanity is the idol progressives worship. The classless society is a stage prop. The one true God is “me.”


Vanity runs the progressive religion. Vanity explains its enormous popularity. The devotion of adherents is the purest selfish commitment. It is a demonic possession which cannot be argued against. The whole of their meaning of life is tied up in a beautiful lie. They are desperately in love with superiority. Nothing would make sense if that was gone. Their life would be a lie.

You can imagine that this disease cannot be cured by reason. You cannot argue with a sociopath who sees himself as the savior of the world. Only fire or flood or war can destroy it, but God has sworn off the use of flooding.

America’s bankruptcy is the fire and flood which can break it. When the chaos arrives, that is when the conservatives will take arms against a sea of progressive troubles and strangle their suicidal programs. We will make valuable use of the chaos that they have worked so tirelessly to enact.

We know how to get things done. When chaos begins, when the subverters arrive at their goal, we will give them a great surprise.


The damage done by the progressives is hard to count, but as we prepare to fight we can look at some of the obvious cases which prove the justice of our cause. Who are the masses ruined by the progressive dreams of change?


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