What Is a Conservative? Can He Save the World?

A conservative knows the lessons of history. History proves the dark side of human nature rules us. We are selfish, ignorant, violent. In our past present and future we lie steal covet and murder. We possess an extreme capacity for self-justification.


A conservative knows the dark side of the individual, when given excessive state power, will lead America to the great evil progressivism. Will lead to a statist fascist socialist liberal totalitarian society. Will destroy the free individual, the family. Will murder God. Will bring in an age of slavery, bankruptcy, and murder.

A conservative is dedicated to forms of government which limit political power so that psychopathic dictators, their intimidating bureaucracy, and their violent mob, will never be empowered to impose a totalitarian nightmare.

A conservative sees the bright side of human nature. A person, when led properly by his parents and teachers and the great thinkers and God, wants to learn, to work, to love, to create, to succeed, to be good, to sacrifice for family, country, and God. A conservative believes in the great potential of the individual. Conservative government aims to protect the individual from the dictator and the bureaucracy and the mob so that he may pursue his purpose. A man is free to choose his purpose or he is a slave. A man is conservative or progressive.

He is dependent upon himself or the state.


A conservative knows the primary job of every person is work. A lot of work has to get done for a society to succeed. Everybody’s work is needed.

If primary objectives of work are to provide food, shelter, energy, transportation, and learning, then all these goods and services will be offered where no actor holds excessive power — except in the case of a natural monopoly. The materials and services will be bought and sold in a market.


A conservative knows in a market, society will have one hundred times or one thousand times more wealth than in a progressive economy where state bureaucrats direct all. Competition is the greatest weapon against poverty.   

A person who works in a market will use all of his nature, both selfish and selfless. His natural desire for superiority and wealth will motivate him to equal and exceed the other actors in the market. The market will force him to serve others and to rise above the level of others doing the same job. An unending daily competition between the market actors will constantly improve the quality and reduce the price of all materials and services. This is the way over time to house and feed the poor.

Capitalism uses our selfish nature. Our nature can’t be changed but it can be used. When you see what it’s done, that selfish nature has created a very long list of all of the man-made wonders of the world. The desire for distinction is the great creative force in history.

The progressives hate competition because they are not in charge of competition. They hate competition because it proves they know nothing about economics. Progressives hate competition because it proves their philosophy is a failure. They hate competition because it works wonders and their philosophy, socialism, always fails.


A conservative knows competition, including the failure, in the long run, of all competitors, is the driving force of human material progress. The progressive believes giving power to the state will end poverty, and protect the weak, but the greater the power of the state, the more impoverished the citizen. They delegate power to the state to promote “social justice”. A progressive government sews equal poverty for all.

Everybody fails in a progressive society. Poverty is the social justice progressives provide. Ask the North Koreans. Ask the Venezuelans. Ask the Greeks. Ask the residents of Detroit.


A conservative knows he is the heir to a great fortune: The gift of life. When pondering the source of this gift, and his choice is to describe life, and the universe, either as an accident or the creation of God, belief in God is obvious. A loving heart, mind, and soul finds faith in God easily.

A vain man chooses atheism to place himself above the universe. Progressive thought and atheist belief travel together. The true progressive may escape his emptiness and insecurity, mask his fear of death, hide his meaninglessness, and catapult his self-importance, by denying God, and by making himself a god. Life is an accident, reasons the progressive, but he can escape the universe’s emptiness by appointing himself a leader in the creation of the classless society.   

A person who loves beauty and achievement is predisposed to crediting God for life. As a man sees that God is the source of all of creation, he naturally will refine and elevate himself to serve God. This is the unique beautiful dignity given to the faithful believer in religion.  

The believer says: “God gave me life. How do I repay God? God is the center of life. What does God want from me? What will happen if I fail to live up to God’s expectations?”

Ask these questions and you love and fear God. You are at the biblical starting place of wisdom. Nobody acts the same way when God is watching his actions. Nobody acts the same way when you fear God. When you fear how God will judge you.  

You cannot honestly answer the question of what God wants with a selfish purpose. Belief in God is the beginning of enlightenment as it is the beginning of our journey from selfishness to selflessness. Religious belief moves the center of the universe an infinite number of miles away from the human thinker. The right question is not what I think and what I want but what God thinks and what God wants.

Infinity is the center of the universe and God is the creator. “I am nothing compared to God. I better prepare to meet him. What if he asks me about my life? Will I be proud to tell him about my life?”

When you meet him, God will ask: “Did you do good, did you serve me, with the life I gave you?”    

A believer in God begins to sacrifice his personal desires for something greater. A believer can act with dignity and purpose. He is not just a man for himself but a man who must seek to know and act with God’s mind and heart and soul. God is watching. The believer sees he is watching. He tries to do better. He tries to elevate himself.

God is the center of the universe for a conservative. The state is the center of the universe for a progressive.  


A conservative is an individualist. He believes the individual will solve society’s problems. A progressive is a statist. He believes the state will solve society’s problems. This summarizes the success of free societies and the failure of progressive societies.

Which society will succeed? A society where 320 million individuals know it is their job to take care of themselves? Or a society where 320 million individuals demand that the state take care of each and every thing for each and every one of them?

In a society where we are responsible for ourselves, wealth will be created. In a society where the state cares for everyone, bankruptcy will be created.

Imposing a progressive regime on an economy is like using a brain surgeon whose only operating instruments are a hatchet and chain saw. The doctor’s skill, intelligence, and intentions mean nothing. The hatchet-and-chain-saw brain surgeon always kills his patient. Where socialism operates on an economy, bankruptcy kills the city, the state, or the nation.

In our time, the progressives have fundamentally transformed America by bankrupting it morally and financially. They are not done destroying. They will enact many new programs, regulations, and laws. Money is no object. Education will be free. Health care will be free. Retirement will be free. Day care will be free. Housing will be free. More and more will be free. Then America will collapse and burn. We will fall over and die. The dollar will be destroyed. Where it goes from there nobody knows.


An individualist, a good single-word description of a conservative, is dedicated, politically, to limiting the power of the state. He knows a state running without inhibition will rise to take his life freedom and money, his home and religion, his family and thoughts, his dreams.

Chart of History Power and Corruption.jpg

It is said that societies are destroyed by corruption. Statist progressive societies maximize corruption. Individualist conservative societies minimize corruption. To build a society that lasts, it must be individualist and conservative. To destroy a society, make it progressive. (Please see the chart above: “The Chart of History Power and Corruption”.)  

An individualist is a right-wing ideologue who uses politics to promote individual power. The progressive is a left-wing ideologue who uses politics to maximize state power. The right will set us free. The left will imprison us.


A conservative knows life is a gift. He pays for the gift. He dedicates himself to God family and country, to beauty and truth, to hard work, self-reliance, to pursuing wisdom, to selflessness. This big to-do list, this wealth of meaning, we may pursue, but we must be free, and guided toward what is right.   

We should love and fear God. We should work hard and save our money. We should pursue learning. We should aspire to selflessness. We should all be conservative. And, God willing, and if we raise the right army, we will be sometime in the 21st Century. First hell must be paid to answer for the power we have given to the progressive Democratic Party.

The End

If God is the center of a good life, it is no surprise that the progressive movement has made the murder of God a primary objective. What does God and religion give to the world? Why is the murder of God the holy mission for a good progressive?